The Ice Mountain: A Six Flags Park is an indoor theme park resort located in Mentor, Ohio. The theme park opened in 1984. Six Flags bought the park in 1989.

The park has an on-site hotel, a spa, an arcade, and a birthday party room.


Roller coastersEdit

  • Wiggly Giggly Coaster (1984; formerly known as "Wiggle Worm")
  • Cobra Corkscrew (1984)
  • Tony Hawk's Ice Brigade (2010)
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle (2011)

Water ridesEdit

  • Mr. Freeze: Frozen Falls (1984; formerly known as "Frozen Falls Log Flume")

Flat rides (thrill)Edit

  • Superman: Ultimate Flight (2016)
  • Ranger (1984)

Flat rides (family)Edit

  • Big Red Cars (2007)
  • Goliath (1984; formerly known as "Jumbo Wheel")
  • Pandemonium (1984; formerly known as "Scrambler")
  • The Joker (1984; formerly known as "Tilt-A-Whirl")
  • Polar Blast (1984)
  • Avalanche (1984)

Flat rides (kiddie)Edit

  • Thomas the Tank Engine (2007)
  • Balloon Wheel (1995)
  • Roadrunner Express (1995)
  • Taz Twister (1995)
  • Crazy Cars (1984)

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