Six Flags GameSphere is a Six Flags park that features rides and attractions based on video games. The park was originally opened in 1997 as simply GameSphere until 2008.

Themed Lands Edit

Six Flags GameSphere features three different lands; Mario's Game Garden, Sonic's Tech Tower and Pac Man's Level Labyrinth. Mario Game Gallery mainly features Nintendo-themed rides, Sonic's Tech Tower mainly features fast and "wild" rides, and Pac Man's Level Labyrinth mainly features rides for younger children.

Rides Edit


GameSphere logo, used from October 2005 to September 2008.

The rides are all unique to their siblings in the same land. There is also a 1 in 5 chance that the ride will be spiced up in a certain way.

Mario's Game Garden Edit

Name Description Year
Donkey Kong's Barrel Bumpyard
Riders ride in barrels and go into a Donkey Kong-esque course. Sometimes Mario will appear and shoot, the barrel, making it take an alertnative route with more bumps.
Kirby's Warp Star
Up to two people ride on a warp star around a city area. The warp star always takes a different direction. Sometimes King DeDeDe will appear, smash the warp star, and make it go faster.
Kamek's Spinning Stadium
This ride will make wimps sick. Riders go into a "fort" and sit on seats resembling cracked Yoshi eggs. Kamek keeps appearing, making the seats spin around and messing with their speed. Sometimes Kamek's wand will break, causing him toi get angry and hit the screen, making the seats elevate into the air.

Sonic's Tech Tower Edit

Name Description Year
Captain Falcon's Zoom Speedway
Players ride in Captain Falcon's car and go for a fast ride around Mute City. Sometimes the car will "crash", making it take an alternative route in an underwater tunnel.
Shadow's Computer Vortex
An interactive ride, with three very fast "portals" through the computer, and four segments where the riders have to shoot GUN soldiers in order to progress, in order to face off against Sonic and Diablon in the end. Sometimes after deating the duo, Diablon will get up for a rematch.
Mega Man X's Nova Strike
An Intamin Impluse roller coaster that is cloned from Cedar Point's "Wicked Twister" roller coaster. Sometimes the coaster will rock from side to side (and this can happen more than once per session).

Pac Man's Level Labyrinth Edit

Name Description Year
Blinky's Blue Zoom
A short ride with a few waves and a cave. Goes around three times. Sometimes it will go around four times, and Pac Man will appear the fourth time, chasing the riders.
Pichu's Dark Tunnel
Up to four riders sit on a space shuttle-like pod and go down a dark tunnel. Sometimes the tunnel will be brightened up via Pichu's electricity.