Six Flags Canton is a theme park located in Canton, Michigan. The park opened in 1980 as "Six Flags Adventure World". In 1993 the park's name was changed to "Six Flags Canton".


Roller coastersEdit

  • Corkscrew (1980)
  • Goliath Jr. (1980; formerly known as "Small Serpent")
  • Superman: Ride of Steel (1995)
  • Batman: The Ride (1993)
  • Tony Hawk's Big Spin (2007)
  • Scooby-Doo Roller Ghoster (2002)
  • Viper (1998)
  • Goliath (1999)
  • Roadrunner Express (1995)

Flat rides (thrill)Edit

  • The Joker (1994)
  • Jet Scream (1982)
  • Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth (1980; formerly known as "UFO")
  • Canton SkyScreamer (2013)
  • Flame Ring (2015)

Flat rides (family)Edit

  • Adventure Wheel (1980)
  • The Flash: Speed Force (1980; formerly known as "Music Express")

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